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Hi, SAFF from Italy

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I'm Matteo and post by Pietrasanta, in Tuscany, Italy,
SAFF is the name of my "free-lance" private company, and significate Joint-stock company Federate Railroads (italian: Società Anonima Ferrovie Federate).
I have 22 years old (my birthday is 6th January), and know partially the english language, and I think the partecipation in this forum a good way to learn that language.
For now is all
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Hi Welcome to the forum
Yes , a great way to help learn the language.
It would be good to see photo's of what you are doing with your modeling

Regards Zmil
Hi Matteo & welcome to MRF - look forward to hearing more about you & your modelling, some photos would be nice too.
Is it my understanding you model an imaginary railway then?
Hi Matteo and welcome to MRF.

When I first saw your name I thought it was a reference to my surname - Saffery - for years I was known as Saff!

QUOTE (BRITHO @ 26 Aug 2008, 16:54) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>for years I was known as Saff! (I thought it was something else )

Let's not go there............................

QUOTE (Kimbo @ 26 Aug 2008, 09:52) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Is it my understanding you model an imaginary railway then?
Yes, correct

A ex-FS D.445 HL Hobby Line (actually SAFF class D.324) in special livery, numerical progressive 002...

...D.324.003 in "normal" livery planned for other two locomotives, 004 and 005...

...and a speciality: DB class BR 111 transformed in a SAFF class E.415, in the photo the 001 series number with the FS 52 pantographs after the "reconfiguration" of the electrics parts for the italian 3 kV system...
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Very nice, and a plausible paint scheme - keep up the good work.

Hi Matteo
Bold Striking colours!
Looks very nicely done
Regards Zmil
I like the livery too - the 111 looks quite striking - a loco that normally looks quite bland.
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