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Hi. My name is Pete and I am a new member, returning to my love for railways after many years, due to impending retirement. I have a collection of locos and stock, mainly Southern, and intend to build a seaside layout with a central station and a port-side harbour terminus. It is to go into our loft when the flooring work is complete. The projected name is Eve`s Bay.
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Oh goody! Another Southern modeller! I warned you guys that we're taking over!

Welcome Pete.
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Hi Pete & welcome to MRF.

Although an HO european modeller if I did return to UK modelling it would be SR so you can count me in.
Hi Pete and welcome to the forum,

I to have always preferred the Southern and BR(S). I currently work mostly in European HO with Brian (dbclass50), but am about to build a "withered arm" based diesel layout in HO.

I do own a Hornby Q1 and once helped to buy a 1:1 scale Buleid pacific.

Hi Pete and welcome to the MRF.

Pity about your chosen region but I'm sure you will find plenty of other misguided reprobates here. Personally I model Gods Wonderful Railway in N Gauge but if we all did the same thing it would be a very boring world.

Welcome aboard.

I've got Southern stock too!! Welcome from God's own railway.
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Thanks very much for the mixed replies of support. I worked for 10 years on the SVR on Gods Wonderful Engines (7819, 5164, the panniers etc.) to known that I had to have a change to my beloved Spamcans.
At the moment I am building (yes actually started!) the first baseboard with the Station, platforms and Goods/Bus terminus area on 4 feet by 4 feet MDF with 2x2 battens. Eve`s Bay Central has begun!
Thanks for the encouragement and I will send pictures when it looks more like a railway than some bits of odd timbers.
Hi Pete,

Just out of interest, how do you plan to get that 4ft x 4ft board through the loft hatch ???

Hi Pete. Welcome to the forum.

I'm an ex OO LNER modeller, now moved onto N europian...
Re the loft hatch question, we have one attic bedroom over the back of the house and are at present expanding into the storage loft at the front of thew house. A new doorway is being made by expanding the existing 4'x2' vertical entrance in the shared wall and a new tongue and grooved floor laid on top of the beams and the wall plate. This should make a space around 13'x 12' at a height of 3' above floor level. I suppose calling it a loft was incorrect, but it has always been our name for that section over the front bedroom. Work is due to start in April, builders permitting, so I should get something up and running by Christmas...... some year or other
Hi Pete,

OK. All is clear now. I just had visions of the "boat in the basement" syndrome.


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