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I've recently re-discovered model railways after a gap of about 10 years - I lost interest when "Mainline" went out of production. I had a brief interest when I helped a friend build a USA N gauge layout, using DCC and a Digitrax "Big Boy" system. A relocation at work meant that I am now just 15 minutes from a local model shop, and most of my older items have now been exchanged for the latest Hornby and Bachmann items, which I am in the process of "chipping". One day I hope to have more than just a test track up in the loft! Have borrowed a Digitrax "Zephyr", but may change to the new Hornby one once I can compare the specifications and see how easy it integrates with a pc.
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Welcome to the forum Great Northener! Are you a steam or diesel man?
Hi George, having lived in Darlington I'm interested in LNER steam- in fact it was the model of Great Northern that rekindled my interest. My tastes also extend to diesels - but only in green, anything in blue is too modern for me. At the mo I have a few locos, but the decision to buy them is determined by how easy it is to install DCC decoders.
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