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I just joined today. I found the site on goolge. I have recently started collecting hornby 3 rail tinplate from the 1950's. I know its not the most collectable but I was left a large quantity some time ago and decided to increase the collection. Some of my family say that this train set is the reason I ended up an electrical engineer. After been given the set by my uncle I progressed to making quite complicated layouts with electric points, dual controllers and Isolation tabs by the age of 11. I try to collect nice items in boxes as I dont have room for a layout. However some of the items I buy come in "job lots" with some stuff thats not so good. Some of this I break into spares using the good bits to make "1 good one from some bad ones". Just recently though I have started re-painting some of the worse examples as theres nothing to lose. My uncle who gave me the set was a great model maker and I took up the riegns till I was about 18 making everything right upto Radio controlled Planes. Just now its an inexpensive hobby (and maybe an Investment) since Im buying mostly from E-Bay and car boot sales. Im hoping to get the loft sorted out one day and put the 3 rail back into service. (not holding my breath though). I suppose that Railways run in my blood. There is my uncles trainset and my father who fired the flying scottsman then drove it on centenary events and the royal train on occasion. To be honest though Im not a train nut. I suppose been that close to them made me Blarse'. Im probably the one person in britain that had a chance to stand on the footplate of the scottsman in full steam and said "No Im not bothered, It only a train". (Aged 10)...LOL
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Hello and welcome to the Forum

Maybe you can post a few pictures of your favourites in your collection to the forum

There's nothing wrong with collecting , I think we all do that to some extent


hello there

welcome to the forum.

i skipped 3 rail. the closest i got to 3 rail was when i bought a marklin loco on holiday and didnt realise untill i got back that it was 3 rail!

Hello there deester, and welcome. Like zmil said, nothing wrong with collecting, especially as yours sounds like a bona fide collection. Me on the other hand, I just kid myself that all that GW stock I buy is part of some theme, when the truth is that none of my planned projects have anything to do with the GW!


HI thedeester1

Welcome to MRF and the collecting bug I suspect we all have.

I look forward to reading more of your exploits.

Welcome to MRF - I skipped 3-rail as well as Peter.
Hi deester and welcome to the MRF.

I also grew up with Hornby 3 rail and built up quite an extensive layout over the years. The Duchess of Montrose was my first loco but she has long departed to that great engine shed in the sky. Or maybe she hasn't. The train layout was sold off by my parents after several years of non-use (other distractions had taken priority) but, who knows, maybe the old Duchess is safe and sound in a collection such as yours.

I look forward to seeing some photos.
I Have 2 of those. Maybe one is your "Dutchess". One was in the set I was given the other I bought. For a decent boxed one Your looking at only 50 to 100 quid. Though if they have all the "papers" and the "box filling" Its a little more. Some one said I should post some pictures. Im working on getting some of these in the collectors area and the workbench!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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