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Hinged flaps...again!

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As someone who is very new to model railways may I ask a very basic question in my first forum posting? My track is laid out upon GaugeMaster ballasting. I have now decided to modify the board and install a hinged access. How easy will it be to align the tracks over the two gaps whilst at the same time retaining the ballast? I’ve read various articles regarding aligning track e.g using copper cladding, and soldering the track to screws, at the edge of the board. Unfortunately, no mention of the above ballasting. Looks as though I might have to pin/glue the track in place. (The 2 links mentioned in the topic “Help with Hinged Flaps” are no longer available.) Any thoughts?

Also, what about the wiring between the tracks? Is there a way of avoiding having to fix long lengths of wire onto the ‘lift-up’ section of the hinged board. I have this feeling that when the board is lifted I’ll end up tripping over the wires and pulling everything apart!

Thanks for whatever suggestions that you are able to provide. They will certainly much appreciated!
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Hi bring the track wires in from the hinge side if your layout is dcc you only need two wires,make sure the flap is up when you fix your wires .Is the door opening in or out,it should be opening out for h&s best of luck Jim
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