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I've built 2 hinged sections for our 4 track continuous club layout.

They are both approx 33" long, 1 has 5 0 gauge tracks (4 main & 1 branch) and 1 n/g (0-16.5),
this has laser cut sides to create a 4 arch viaduct.

The other has the 4 main tracks with plated arch girders, while the n/g is on a box girder section,
they lift as one, joined by the end plates.

I used flat mount cupboard door hinges (B&Q) which lift them just past the right angle, meaning
they stay up on their own (but I added self-locking catches for safety). The hinges are fitted under
the sections.

The other end rests on the combined leg support (like a shelf), and is guided in by slightly tapered
wooden guides. This means that it is kept in alignment in the two important planes (up/down and
left/right) by its own weight, leaving in/out to allow for expansion.

All tracks are located by the brass screw method (88 of them!), and the wiring is looped under the
hinge area (with plugs if the section needs removing).

The important bit is that there are 2 h/d micro-switches (ex motorised 3-port heating valves) built
in to the lifting end, which go to a relay set that cut the power to approx 3' of track either side of
the 'bridges', this gives good protection for members locos!
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