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I am posting this to see if there is an interest in a Historic Railway weekend in Northern France.

In May this year, I propose that a group of people (Maximum 40 people) drive over from the UK via the Channel Tunnel. Other European member welcome too.

Dates: 3rd & 4th or 17th & 18th or 24th & 25th

Day 1 - Saturday

An hour and a half from the Calais side of the tunnel, we have:

Le P'tit train de la Haute Somme
Froissy - Cappy - Dompierre
Extract from the History: The "Petit train de la Haute Somme" is the last remaining section of a large military network built during WW1.
The site is situated right in the zone of the battle of the Somme (July to November 1916) where British and French armies had built a considerable network to prepare the offensive of July 1st 1916 and supply the artillery, the tommies and the "poilus" French soldiers in trenches.

Getting there is quite easy. Down the A16, via Boulogne-sur-Mer and Amiens or the down the A1 to the Péronne exit.

We can organise a visit to the workshops, the museum and have a ride or two on some of the trains. Getting your hands dirty is an option that we can talk about. A picnic is probably the best option for lunch. Restaurants are available in the area.

We can find a couple of Gites (B&B) or a reasonably priced hotel in the area.

Day 2 - Sunday

About a half-hour drive from the P'tit train de la Haute Somme, to the East at St Quentin, we have the:

CFTV - Chemin de Fer Touristique du Vermandois
(Website 1)
(Website 2)
The railway possesses steam and diesel locomotives as well as a collection of rolling stock which ranges from third class coaches equipped with wooden seats to a magnificent mahogany-panelled restaurant car.

In addition to the normal advertised Sunday passenger services footplate-experience courses are also available (usually on Saturday) during which participants can try their hand at firing and driving a steam locomotive (under close supervision!). It should be noted that a certain knowledge of French will be needed for this activity.

We can organise a visit to the workshops, a close look at some of their locos & rolling stock and a lunch in the CIWL buffet car whilst taking a trip between the Somme river valley and the Oise river valley. I've done this and it is really great. Some photos here. The maximum 40 people is because the buffet car can seat 42.

As you see, the buffet car is very comfortable. The food and wine is excellent.

The train stops quite often and lets off photographers to take shots and video. It is very relaxing and enjoyable. Wives would enjoy it (mine did).

There is a model railway connection to this weekend, more on that later

After this, you can make your way back home via Calais.

If you are interested in this, please send me an email. Ask questions if you like or just state your interest. If the numbers are OK, I will book the days with the railways. Prices are on the sites of the two railways. Not that expensive and we may be able to get a group discount based on the numbers. Any discount will be passed on to the people who sign up. Click this link to send me an email.

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