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Historical information in future Bachmann catalogues

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Bachmann Europe PLC today announced that it will show historical information alongside its products in future catalogues. Collectors and modellers have asked for more information on what coaches match with each locomotive and we have devised a system which will place each in a specific "historical period".

Bachmann Europe has led the way in many areas of the UK model railway market. Bachmann were the first manufacturer to introduce a UK outline DCC train set, first to produce models with a weathered finish and the first to introduce sprung buffers on UK models. Bachmann are breaking new ground by becoming the first UK supplier to devise a system which will place each locomotive and coach in a specific 'historical period'.

David Haarhaus Sales & Marketing Manager of Bachmann Europe PLC said today "our colleagues on the continent have been using the Epoch method of historical classification for many years. We feel that we should assist newcomers to the UK hobby in the same way. The history of Britain's railways is a fascinating and expansive subject. We have discussed the best way to do it justice without over complication. Our in-house team has come up with the table below. It is easy to forget, however, that many of the liveries survived longer than the period itself - indeed we still have units in service painted in Network SouthEast colours -12 years after the company ceased to exist"

David continued "we will launch this classification system on our websites & Each locomotive and coach will be accompanied by a symbol to indicate the historical period that it represents. It is part of our policy to provide greater information for our customers".

The following periods have been chosen by Bachmann and will apply across its Branchline and Farish ranges from publication of the 2007 catalogue.

They are:
Era / Period 1 1804-1875 - Pioneering
Era / Period 2 1875-1922 - Pre-Grouping
Era / Period 3 1923-1947 - The Big Four - LMS, GWR, LNER & SR
Era / Period 4 1948-1956 - British Railways Steam Era (Early Crest)
Era / Period 5 1957-1966 - British Railways (Late Crest)
Era / Period 6 1967-1971 - British Rail Corporate Pre -TOPS*
Era / Period 7 1971-1982 - British Rail Corporate Blue Post -TOPS*
Era / Period 8 1982-1994 - British Rail Sectorisation
Era / Period 9 1995 onwards - Post privatisation
* TOPS = Total Operations Processing System adopted when British Rail introduced a computerised numbering system in 1971 for its locomotives and rolling stock. Locomotives were renumbered into classes which formed the first two digits of each number.
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It's a nice idea but will they have the patience to proof read the copy? I get the impression that the people who compile the text for the catalogues don't actually understand what they are writing.

I think they made an attempt to make this years catalogue a bit more interesting by dividing it into various related bits such as GWR, LNER etc. They are I suppose making an effort after years of boring catalogues. True they have been innovative in some areas such as factory weathering and DCC but they are also sadly lagging behind in a lot of others. They are only doing what hornby have done in a fachion for years by saying what stock goes with what.
The thing that is particularly exercising me about this year's Bachmann catalogue is the variety of bogies under the admittedly huge range of Mk1 coaches. A few coaches seem to have the Pullman style bogie and one or two have what I would term the Mk2 style. Bothe of these bogies feature coil springs rather than leaf springs. Is this according to the prototype or have the catalogue picture editors been caught out?

Bachmann have sensibly given notice of this arrangement now as it permits others to consider the structure for their 2007 catalogues and thereby create an Era standard for British outline.

Dapol may adopt with gritted teeth given the hard time that Bachmann have given them recently and Hornby might argue that you do not need to fix what isn't broken.

I note this quote from the Bachmann marketing manager:-

QUOTE It is part of our policy to provide greater information for our customers".

Now does not every marketing man say this?

The really important information that modellers want are when are the models going to be absolutely available and on the shelves. There is no accurate information about this anywhere and yet this has to be one of the most simple if not THE most simple things to tabulate. The rest is all secondary to that and the above effort suggests that the boys at Bachmann have some spare time on their hands suggesting models will be here later rather than sooner!

And its all very well saying what goes with what but I am not going to wait until December for a coach that goes with a loco that I purchased in January! We need to be slightly practical here and there are possibly things that Bachmann have overlooked. Are they going to suggest in their catalogue that a current Hornby coach would be ideal for their loco?

And it sounds like a way of further padding out a catalogue and charging more for it!

And how many new modellers actually assemble trains and rolling stock from appropriate Era's?

Most go on favourite colours and create designer trains that match the wallpaper!

I happen to run green coaches with most things because I happen to like green coaches!

Doug is collecting trains that are blue because he has something about blue.

There is the story of that modeller who runs a Deltic through the Libyan desert during WW2 because he happens to like Deltics and happened to be a desert rat.

What I am saying is that most modellers don't actually like to conform and knowing the British modeller they are even less likely to now that we are being told what we have to do!!!

Happy modelling
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There is a definite hint of Blairism in that statement. Policy... A document which means bog all but sounds good and looks impressive. Example insurance policy, government policy, health and safety policy. Case rested.
As for defining eras I don't think they've made a bad job of it and it is the second such list i've read in recent weeks. The other being slightly shorter and in BRM magazine. Was the early crest around in 1948? hmm don't think so. And for the next era i'd call it steam/diesel transitional period not just late crest. Its one of those things that is probably difficult to label exactly as it is probably dependant on individual interpretation.
I think it's a step in the right direction. I have to admit with the quantity and variety of coaches available it is good to have a guide for what goes with what. If your like me and were not born when a lot of these locos and coaches were in everyday use then it is necessary. I suppose you can just run any coach with any loco but for us pedants out there we just have to do the right thing.

When you have different style Hornby Pullmans from Bachmann ones you are left wondering "whats the difference"? Same with the BR ones. A lot of people just don't know and I'm one of them. It may be one is older than the other but it would be nice to know. The problem is having differing Eras and periods which are not compatible. In the German catalogues they all comply to the same system. All note which Era's the loco or whatever belongs to. An across the board standard would be the best idea rather than just inventing your own.

QUOTE the above effort suggests that the boys at Bachmann have some spare time on their hands suggesting models will be here later rather than sooner! If they do have spare time on their hands I'm sure we could compose a list of suggestions. My first would be making their Pullman coach light bulbs compatible with DCC. I"m sure there would be many more.
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QUOTE If your like me and were not born when a lot of these locos and coaches were in everyday use then it is necessary

I was around, albeit as a small boy and it still baffles me. As I am building a US mainly freight layout it will not bother me too much, but I could always change my mind.

It is difficult to tie down 'Eras' in British Railways history in particular, as not everything was altered at the same time when a change of policy had been made - viewing of a number of the topics in the 'Prototype Information' forum makes this only too clear.

There are current suggestions on another site that there should be a British equivilant of the USA national association which sets modelling standards. If we had such a group, perhaps they could set appropriate eras?

John Webb
Personally I'm dying to see their "pioneering" and "pre-grouping" ranges....he he he

Mk 1s ran on original and Commonwealth bogies (the latter rated for higher speeds) but which ran on what and when is a job for someone with far too much time on their hands....

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The "pioneering" and "pre-grouping" period seems to have been included with Hornby in mind as they seem to be the experts at producing models for these periods. Nice of the boys at Bachmann to cover these eras for Hornby.

How will Bachmann cover Lord of the Isles and The Rocket in their 2007 catalogue I wonder?

Might this be a clue to a new Bachmann model for 2007 - City of Truro, or a Dukedog?

The fact that Bachmann have considered these periods means that somebody there must be thinking how they can fill these gaping voids.

Are we about to see a new range of Clerestory coaches?

Or LNWR rolling stock?

Does GWR count as both a pre-grouping and big four company?

Would anybody actually model anything before 1923?

Maybe if the product was available modellers would?

Happy modelling
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At least it is a step in the right direction
but there will be arguments for time evermore about the " eras" and how they are defined but at least it will give less knowledgable modellers a guide as to what locos run with which stock.Serious modellers will always have a lot of reference material to work from and can use this to more prescisely match stock and locos etc. At the end of the day any classification HAS to be a compromise so it will never please everyone

According to Parkin there were more than 2 types of bogie used with Mk1 stock but it really depends on how accurate you want top be. If it matters to you to have 100% accuracy buy the book for reference and kitbash your Mk1's replacing the bogies for the correct type otherwise does it really make a huge differance ?
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>otherwise does it really make a huge differance ?
Not really. I was just afraid that the photos could be "Oh my goodness! The photographer is coming in today and we haven't got a complete version of Mk1 coach type xx. Here pull the bogies off that one over there and shove them underneath; no one will notice".

Whilst I do not worry too much about the bogies under the coaches, I do like the numbers on the coaches to at least start with the correct region code. Bachmann do seem to vary the numbers and regions a bit, but if photos are not truly representative, the catalogue isn't really worth as much as it could be.

Thanks for the info by the way.
QUOTE And it sounds like a way of further padding out a catalogue and charging more for it!

Do many people still buy catalogues?

I haven't bought a British one in five years as there doesn't seem to be all that many changes and there is very little new information. I tend to look at their websites now for new stuff. If this is an attempt to bulk out a catalogue I don't think it will convince many to buy for this reason.
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I bought the Hornby and Bachmann catalogues this year. They are the first catalogues I have bought for a very long time. I was relying on the Internet, but my experience is that not all the information is there. This applies particularly to Bachmann. I also find that by browsing a catalogue I notice things that I would never see online. Here's two examples:-

1) Tucked away in a corner of the Hornby catalogue are "close" couplings for coaches.
2) The photos of Hornby's Mk1 coaches reveal that the couplings are of an older thicker design.

Anything that brightens up there existing catalogues has got to be an improvement. At the moment a Bachmann catalogue is nothing more than a collection of photos all from the same boring 3/4 angle with no information.

If they give information on the models eg which ones have lights, can you run DCC fitted locos on DC then so much the better.

The Bachmann webs#ite has been updated to reflect the eras, interesting to note that the Class 25 diesel in Corporate blue falls into era 5 (1957-1966), and the green version of the same loco falls into era 7 (1971-1982)......
>interesting to note that the Class 25 diesel in Corporate blue falls into era 5 (1957-1966), and the green version of the same loco falls into era 7 (1971-1982)......

I rest my case (post #2). The marketing droids have spoken!

QUOTE (dwb @ 23 Apr 2006, 00:01) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>>interesting to note that the Class 25 diesel in Corporate blue falls into era 5 (1957-1966), and the green version of the same loco falls into era 7 (1971-1982)......

Bachmann Reply: "The error outlined by DWB was corrected immediately following the posting on this site. Unfortunately the two periods had been transposed during the information being added to the website products section."

Dennis Lovett continues: "I appreciate that the subject has caused considerable debate. It is a guide to those who do not have the historical knowledge surrounding Britain's railways that the members of this forum have."

You see, they do listen.

Thanks Dennis for the info.
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QUOTE (dwb @ 22 Apr 2006, 23:01) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>>interesting to note that the Class 25 diesel in Corporate blue falls into era 5 (1957-1966), and the green version of the same loco falls into era 7 (1971-1982)......

I rest my case (post #2). The marketing droids have spoken!


Bachmann making errors now thats totally out of character
, though experience show's that they do listen to critiscm and take on board comments made to their products and this has shown with the newly re-tooled 37's for this year (wishful thinking) Hornby and Heljan could definitely take a leaf out of their book in this respect
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