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Hi everyone,
My name is Elliott, im 14, and i live in NE England. Ive got a railway layout in my loft, which isn't that good, but later on im hoping to dismantle it all, and create a new one.

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Hi Elliot,

Welcome to the forum.

Be nice to hear about progress on you revamped layout.

Feel free to ask for any advice or information on the forum - there's load of it available !
Hi Elliot,

welcome to the forum. You'll find plenty of ideas and information here.
Welcome Elliot. When you start again and if things get a bit frustrating don't forget we are all here to help. Champing at the bit in fact.
Hello Elliot welcome its good to sea younger peaple tacking an intrest in modeling.
Im 18 and my layout two might be changing soon so were on the same wave lenth
Hi Elliot and welcome aboard.

If you get stuck, don't be afraid to ask and good luck!
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Thankyou all for the nice welcome, its much appreciated
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Welcome to the asylum,

I think you'll enjoy it


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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