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HMRS Methfix Transfers

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Hi All,

I've been using Pressfix transfers since the late 80's and never had any problems, but I've decided to have a go with HMRS Methfix transfers, grabbed by the promise of a better finish.

I like the way they are applied and the results do look good, but I am having something like a 90% 'failure to stick rate'.
No matter what I do, whether the surface is gloss or matt, the transfers fall off when dried, presumably because the 'glue' isn't activating or it just isn't sticking. The surface is Railmatch paints, BR Bauxite.
I have followed the instructions on the pack regarding mixture and application.

The meths which is commonly available here in Australia is sold under the brand of 'Diggers' as 'Methylated Sprits'. It is described as 'denatured alcohol' - exactly as written on the HMRS instructions. It is transparent in appearance - looks like water.

When I grew up in the UK in the 1970's, my grandfather had a 'Mammod' traction engine which was fired with methylated spirit. My father also used the same meths for methfix transfers at the time. From memory, the spirit was purple in colour and it smelled very different (pungent) to what what the Diggers stuff I am using now for the HRMS transfers does.

I suspect that the meths here may not be the same as that in the UK and obviously, what the Methfix transfers are designed to work with.

Can anyone offer any tips please, particularly anyone in Oz or NZ ?

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I only use Pressfix Graham and so have no experience of Methfix.

There is, I seem to remember, quite a discussion within RMWeb on their use however and some are of the opinion that the precise combination of meths to water is critical.

Might be worth looking?

You are probably sensible to return to Pressfix, Graham. There is nothing more frustrating that transfers which detach at will. I've used Pressfix for maybe 30 years: my only gripe with them is that more recent sheets seem to have a little too much glue and it can be difficult to remove once the transfer has been applied. Once applied, I end up chasing extremely sticky globules of the stuff away from the edges of the transfer with a sharpened tooth-pick! And the sheets are superb at attracting dust and hair!

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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