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I have never used them, but this extract might throw some light on the matter...

snip<Use a solution of 3 parts meths to 1 water. With a scalpel carefully cut around the transfer from the side the images appear reversed. Only cut through the layer that carries the transfers, not the backing paper that supports it, so that you can then peel it away. Position it on the model and brush the meths mixture on. By wetting it the image should now be visible through the soaked tissue. Move it into position and when happy gently press the transfer down. Gently brush on more of the mixture until the tissue moves off. The transfer can be adjusted still, but once it's correctly positioned soak away the surplus liquid and give it a light brushing with a decal setting solution. snip>

another contribution...

Snip> a quick footnote to my post. I've been using methfix today, and remembered that once you've soaked the transfer paper with the meths mix you can let it dry in position. Then if you brush just water on it the tissue should float off. The meths mix softens the glue but the water doesn't affect it - it just loosens the paper. >snip

I hope these might help.

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