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HO Bachmann E-Z Track

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Does anyone here have any experience with American HO scale Bachmann E-Z Track?

We go around to numerous exhibitions around the country normally demonstrating the UKTrainSim train simulation stuff - however we're adding a new facet to the stand talking about DCC this year for those shows that want it.

In order to demonstrate it we bring along a couple of loops of track (no room to carry a layout board!) - we've decided that the best way to do this is via the pluggable E-Z Track system since it provides a lot more form and structure (we used normal peco track the last time and it wasn't too great loosely laid on a bunch of uneven tables that we had been given).

We've got a couple of loops in various HO sets that we have anyway, however we'd like to demonstrate points as well - I see there are some points for E-Z Track and they come with motors, what I can't find anywhere is how these things are fitted?

Can someone with some experience give me an idea of how they are fitted? Are they fitted to the plastic or do they require a baseboard? Do they go under the baseboard and thus would need all the track on one to keep it level? Or do they actually fit under the track itself and essentially disappear flush to the bottom?

Any help most appreciated!

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Or you could try the Kato HO unitrack which I think looks very good and is specially made for temorary layouts.
HO electric turnout 2-860 £34.95 from MG Sharp, same HO electric turnout £22.08 from the Plaza Japan shop on Ebay.
Postage for the turnout from Plaza is $4.80. The HM customs website says import duty for "toys" is between 0 and 4.7% plus the 17.5% VAT. Which still makes it cheaper than MG Sharp. That is if customs actually charge you anything. I've bought from Plaza and didn't get charged by customs.
Last delivery took 5 days from Japan, quicker than a lot of UK sellers!
HM Revenue and Customs say on their website that "for purchases bought by yourself with a value over £18 you may have to pay duty depending on the product; it may also be liable to VAT. Under that amount you will not be liable."
So for buying most of the Unitrack there would be no question of "getting caught".
As a customer I would just love it if MG Sharp had some competion for selling Kato Unitrack in the UK. How about importing it dbclass50?
1 - 4 of 27 Posts
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