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HO Bachmann E-Z Track

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Does anyone here have any experience with American HO scale Bachmann E-Z Track?

We go around to numerous exhibitions around the country normally demonstrating the UKTrainSim train simulation stuff - however we're adding a new facet to the stand talking about DCC this year for those shows that want it.

In order to demonstrate it we bring along a couple of loops of track (no room to carry a layout board!) - we've decided that the best way to do this is via the pluggable E-Z Track system since it provides a lot more form and structure (we used normal peco track the last time and it wasn't too great loosely laid on a bunch of uneven tables that we had been given).

We've got a couple of loops in various HO sets that we have anyway, however we'd like to demonstrate points as well - I see there are some points for E-Z Track and they come with motors, what I can't find anywhere is how these things are fitted?

Can someone with some experience give me an idea of how they are fitted? Are they fitted to the plastic or do they require a baseboard? Do they go under the baseboard and thus would need all the track on one to keep it level? Or do they actually fit under the track itself and essentially disappear flush to the bottom?

Any help most appreciated!

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If your looking for something similar the Trix C track system might be the go.

It says this in the promotional literature.

The most important characteristics modelnear detailing the C-track is a complete track with plastic ballast bed and full profiled rails made of german silver. To only 2.1 mm the high profile corresponds code to 83. It is equally suitable for vehicles with direct current wheel sets after NEM and RP 25. The free look through between rails foot and ballast bed, fine detailing and the low profiles without rail links provide for a outstanding optics, which convinces also fastidious professionals. Very easy up and dismantling the C-track-system are durable and step firmly. The mechanical and electrical connection technique lies invisibly in the track bed. Stable mechanical Click link protects the electrical connections. They are implemented double and provide for safe, low-loss contact.

C-tracks can be aimed without large plugged together, just as fast diminished. All the same whether flying structure, child-fair play area or large professional equipment construction - for all cases the Trix C-track is the ideal trace. All installations in the track bed except the connection technique are integrated in the track bed mounting plates and assembly places for cables, drives and other system blocks. Each track has at both ends prongs for the connection of current feeds and tax components. Thought out geometry with few parts optimized track geometry makes the otherwise usual balance pieces redundant. Also slim track branchings such as elbow switches do not require remachining at the track bed. Development step by step are supplied with to switches in series with hand operation. An electrical motor can in the track bed be included. Also switches lanterns can be re-tooled. Switch decoders are in preparation. In this way you can remove your plant gradually. Reliable in service and with these characteristics the Trix C track is suitable both for the spontaneous structure on the carpet and for the fastidious equipment construction. Its functional qualities make the track system reliable in service and flexible - ideal basis for conventional and digital plants. The further development, for example with slim switches and larger radii, is in preparation.
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