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Taken from MREmag ( today 31/3/06

"Telephones and the Internet have been buzzing all day about a story involving Hornby. We have been sworn to secrecy but an announcement will be made on this website at midnight tonight (GMT for our overseas friends). The delay has been necessary due to an embargo imposed by Hornby"

tomorrow is 1st April though

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Hornby about to launch Live Diesel?

Hornby to launch a Channel Tunnel Skaledale range which modellers can place under their layout thereby increasing their layout size by 100%?

Noting that this story has been placed in the N gauge section is there a clue somewhere?

Hornby to relaunch extensive Lima N gauge range?

April 1st is the start of the new Hornby financial year and they may wish to create a drum roll so who knows?

Happy modelling

PS I know MREmag is a great daily visit however Model Rail Forum is really the only place where you can provide instant feedback to any story from any source. Live and uninterrupted!

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you have all been had cant you tell forom the picture that it has been edited poorly in paint would any company wishing to be taken seriously would put
QUOTE We're doing N-Gauge Rolling stock. How Cool is that?!
as for live disiel can you not possibly imagine how challening scaling down an internal combustion engine would be?
I cant believe you have fallen for it
Although if it is true I will eat my hat
*Puts hat on plate and readys suitable dressings

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QUOTE (Ben Manicom @ 4 Apr 2006, 19:18)Hornby reviewed the possibility of 3rd rail electrics at the end of last year and decided it would be uneconomical each set would have to retail at about £150 and they are kits cheaper than that out there

I think Jennings meant the third rail system as opposed to third rail stock. (i.e. 750v d.c. operation in OO/N/Z :) )

Now proper third rail- that would be fantastic!

And a 4mm/1ft substation to convert all that nasty 'lectricity to a scale voltage...

With proper stock to go with it too...

25kv AC operation in OO, anyone?

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QUOTE (steventrain @ 1 Apr 2006, 15:20) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The N gauge wont be there until 2007,I think.

Think again!,

I don't think you'll be seeing any 'N' gauge equipment from Hornby apart from the 'Liddle End' building range....
The only reason that they're doing that is because it's a spin-off from the 'OO' 'Skaledale' range,ie all the CAD work is in existance,so all they have to do is programme their computer to make a smaller 'master' to make the moulds from, thereby creating two ranges for the development costs of one....
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