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Hello everyone,

Can anyone help? I'm looking for someone in the UK with Hobbytrain spare parts for the Taurus model, in particular pantographs of the later metal variety. The reason is that I have two models from Conrad (indirectly Hobbytrain) that came with the terrible looking plastic ones*:

Which I want to replace with the Hobbytrain metal versions thus:

The other option is the special Sommerfeldt pantograph kit but this requires drilling holes in the body whereas the Hobbytrain metal one fits the same holes as the plastic Conrad one and so is easier to install and cheaper.

I'm also after just the body for the MAV version, (which I can swap for a HUPAC one if anyone is interested):

If anyone lives in Germany /a Euro country with free bank transfers to Germany and would be happy to accept Paypal from me and could order the items on my behalf (with comission) directly from Hobbytrain/Lemke then please do send me a PM.

Thanks very much,


*Apart from the pantographs these are absolutely terrific models. Well detailed, with bi-directional white LED headlights, double flywheel drive and with solder pads ready for wiring in the decoder easily. Superb running properties and with fictional liveries available (such as BLS Cargo) - what more could one want! The Conrad versions are available for around £40 in the UK so an absolute bargain in my opinion...
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