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Holiday Time

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I don't think this is the right part of the forum but, I am coming the the UK for a week (From Jersey) to visit some shops and go on some trains.

The plan is:

Southampton - Brighton
Brighton - Arundel (Gaugemaster) - Brighton
Brighton - London

Two days in london

London - Edinburgh (Flying Scotsman)

Two days in Edinburgh (Harburn Hobbies)

Edinburgh - London - Southampton

Does anyone know of some good model shops in London and Edinburgh?

Also I wanted to travel on a Virgin 390 Pendolino what routes can I travel on one and whats the cheapest way to travel? I was going to buy a travelcard and book tickets online is this the cheapest.

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Virgin pendilenos are used on the west coast mainline, but I dont know which services they are used on Sorry
Re model shops in London - they are now few and far between - most model railway retailers can't afford London rents any more!

Try for lists by area or by speciality etc. - a useful site. (But our Forum is better than theirs....!)

Best place to post general queries like yours is 'The Station Concourse' at the bottom of the Forum index, but don't be too bothered - it took me several months to find my way round when I started on here.

John Webb
Pendolinos run on almost all Virgin Trains services from Euston to Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow. Diesel Voyagers run the London-Chester and Birmingham-Glasgow routes and may pop up on a few diagrams on the other routes. For Birmingham and Liverpool some services are run by London Midland using mostly Desiro EMUs.
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