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The New Street layout in a back garden has an open weekend for charity every September.

You will find that many clubs don't actually have a large model layout for club members to use!

Most of the club time is spent building the large layouts and they get assembled and packed away at the start and end of exhibitions. And space restrictions can mean a layout has to be dismantled to allow space for the next layout to be built.

Warley MRC have not had a club layout for club members to use for 10 years until now (well there is an old EM gauge job but you can't run your latest Hornby or Bachmann on that) and even that was a very close run vote by commitee members with some for and some against. The argument for was that a members layout could be a draw for new members but the argument against was that this would be a dissentive to work on ongoing projects which have strict timetables unlike Central Trains!

The members layout argument won the day as more members would mean more working on projects (in theory!).

Happy modelling
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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