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HOn3 K-27 Mikado 2-8-2 "Mudhen" breaks a new price barrier!

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Blackstone Models was created in 2004 as a division of SoundTraxx, a foremost manufacturer of sound systems for model trains. Using die-cast construction in place of brass their locomotives are available in the $250-$350 range. The image shows an engineering pilot model with a partial paint job. This version is a post-wreck version of the original displaying actual repairs rom salvaged pieces!

The K-27 is optionally available with a SoundTraxx™ Tsunami™ Digital Sound Decoder. The Tsunami-equipped Blackstone K-27 will operate on both DC and DCC controlled layouts. At a price of $330-$340 for a sound equipped model it's less than a third of similiar brass imports!
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would be great if they scaled up the model to G-Scale.............
It's me having a senior moment.

What I can't get over is the price of $330 for a DCC version with sound. This is one locomotive I'll need to keep my eyes out for.
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G scale versions are available (for a leeetle bit more) from Accucraft, well, OK, not K27s but K28s, K36s and K37s as well as C19s and C21s. They are batch built and not always available but they are gorgeous!

60134 (remembering a happy summer spent in Colorado in 1978..... sigh.....)
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