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Since the advent of DCC and specifically sound decoders many of us in the smaller scales such as TT and N were forced to look on with not a small amount of envy. Those days may be coming to an end ...

at least with regards to our diesel, electric and rail car models due to new developments at companies such as Electronic Solutions Ulm (ESU) who's LokSound Micro should be available in November.

In 1998 ESU created a buzz in the model railroad industry when they introduced the LokSound line of sound equipped digital decoders. This new Micro model measures in at 28mm x 10mm x 5 mm

One of the strengths of the LokSound system is the support the company provides for adding new sounds. You don't need to be a computer tyro pumped up on Jolt or Red Bull. For this you can use their LokProgrammer which allows you to do the following:

What can you do with a LokProgrammer?

1. Modification of the stored sound files

2. Setting / adjusting of all digital parameters of the LokSound decoder e.g: address, acceleration, maximum speed, deceleration, dimming of headlights, and many more. All options can easily be adjusted by using the mouse and therefore no cumbersome entry of CVs (configuration variables) with your controller is required.

3. Compile new sound files and store on LokSound decoder. You can use any sound which you can store on the hard disk of your PC.

4. Sound effects may be assigned to certain events.

5. Activating additional sound effects via function keys

Photographs courtesy of Electronic Solutions Ulm (ESU). For information please see their website at
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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