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Pat Hammond's correspondent George Woods has provided Pat with the latest Hornbeam press release. Hornbeam are an Australian model railway company. To read the full and very lengthy and detailed press release click the link to Model Railway Express Mag below and scroll to the update dated 22nd December:-

QUOTE Hornby Requests from OZ (**E-mail of the Day**)

You may not have seen the list of new releases from Hornbeam, Australia's major model railway manufacturer but, just in case you have not recieved a copy, I enclose their latest press release for possible publication in your hallowed pages sometime over the Christmas/ New Year period.

Hornbeam, Australia's Premier Manufacturer of Model Railways, are proud to announce their list of new releases for 2006.

"We think we have some unique items for the New Year", said Simon Koala, Hornbeams MD. "I am particularly proud of the miniature live steam model which we think will take the market by storm. It has been difficult to pick a prototype to produce, not least because of the different gauges in use on Australian Railways, and so we have had to compromise by using wide bodies on a narrow gauge chassis. A completely new model loco has been introduced and the Famous Cricketer Class 4-6-0 No.11 'Clive Ponting' was chosen for development but unfortunately failed several tests last summer. It was subsequently dropped in favour of a Famous Australian Artist Class 4-6-2 No.002 'Rolf Harris'.........(continued at MRE. Click link below)

Would any Model Rail Forum members have any views on these superb new models and the new technology mentioned in the press release?

Lets hope that 2006 is as good for British railway modellers as it is going to be for Australian railway modellers. There is just that little matter of another cricket series....

Happy modelling
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