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Hornby 00 gauge points.

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I have a Bachmann 00 158 DMU 2 coach set, that appears to shudder while passing over two Hornby RH points. Other locomotives passing over the same two points render a click-click sound.
Has any other reader experienced this fault and if a remedy was found to correct the fault
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By pure coincidence, while looking for other stuff, I came across something rather similar yesterday.

While not wishing to offend anyone, my opinion of Hornby's points are very similar to those expressed in this article at
New Railway Modellers
Click 5. Peco vs Hornby when you get there.

Though the symptoms aren't exactly the same, they are so similar that I would suggest they are related and I hope you might find it helpful.Basically, shimming the check rails with a sliver of suitable material can cure a tendency for the flanges to clip the frog at the other side.

I have to say that Peco trackwork is hard to beat.
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