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I'm attempting to design my first 00 layout and being a draftsman would like to use AutoCAD to design the layout and base board in 3D.

However I need the following information to draw the track pieces.

1. The track centres

2. The sleeper centres on straight track.

If anyone can give me this information I would be most appreciated.



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Welcome to the Forum

Radius 1 curves = 371mm rad.
Radius 2 curves = 438mm
Radius 3 curves = 505mm
Radius 4 curves = 572mm (new to Hornby this year, introduced by Peco last year.)

So there is 67mm between track centres; this is wider than the scaled down prototype spacing to ensure locos and coaches in particular on adjacent lines won't hit each other on curves.
All the track products by Hornby and Bachmann have this geometry, as does Peco's 'Set track' range. Peco also do a wide range of larger radius points. Their catalogues give much more detail on the geometry of track formations and I'd advise you to get one or more.

You will find scattered throughout the forum comments about various other makes of track and many criticisms of Peco. But if you are just starting out they are useful and readily available in the UK.

John Webb
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