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Hornby 08 vs Bachmann 08

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Hi everyone, thought I'd say hello as a new member, and ask for your honest opinions on the Hornby, and Bachmann 08 shunter.

I need a new 08. The one I own now is an ancient Hornby/Lima design which came with the Hornby Dino Safari set as I received for my birthday donkey's years ago, and it an atrocious thing. Though, if has served me well.

I have no knowledge of modern 08's from either manufacturer, and want to know which is best overall, taking in to account mechanism quality, weight, haulage capacity, detail, ease of maintenance, ability to add extra weight such as liquid gravity, and lack of the dreaded traction tyres.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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If its going to handled a lot (fiddle yard for example) my preference would be Bachmann - Hornby seem to specialise in using too many fragile plastic parts made of brittle plastic.
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