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Before we get too excited, the Blue Pullman is a set based on the FM Rail Blue Pullman using a Lima 47 and nanking blue mk2ds! Otherwise, it seems Hornby have given up having independent thought and instead just copying Bachmann's programme!! Yet another 66, re-built Scot and re-built Patriot? What a waste of tooling when Bachmann are already re-tooling their LMS 4-6-0s and already have a 66, complete with sound if needed. And I bet Bachmann's efforts will be cheaper ...

I wonder ... the ex Airfix Scot has never re-appeared. It was tooled and made by Sander Kan in China, who currenty make all Hornby's current stuff. Perhaps there's a link? I hope not, it was ok for its time, but way behind modern standards.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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