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most of the shops already have the full hornby price lists / catalouges and order forms for 2008 - we have where we are - we got it just before christmas there are a lot of southern steam locomotives coming out and yes there are a few surprises although the biggest suprise was that they have added a lot of new models to the live steam collection including a double tendered A1 also looking at the prices they are re releasing a few old Lima moulds. ( like the class 20 ) !!!!!

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The addition of a mining facility is interesting in the light of Bachmanns plans!


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There's a few items there I'll have to get. I notice no mention is made of who is supplying the sound for the DCC sound locos. If it's ESU I will be very happy and get that Duchess. If it's a home brew job then probably not.

I see they have the 156 DMU in the new ScotRail colours. I am guessing it's the Lima body. I got one of these Lima before and had to fit new pick ups sp I hope they have modified it. I see a SPT 101 too, very nice. Will have to get Firth of Clyde as well.

Big emphasis on the Southern again.

The remote for Hotnby Digital, I assume is to keep up with the opposition.

Skale dale cars. Nice development.

The addition of Spencer to the thomas range is good, I know a little boy who would like one of these.

A lot of stuff isn't really new, much of it is re-issues, e.g. the Eurostar. And the Caledonian Sleeper was from last year.

All in all better than I expected.

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I see the Airfix people and farm animals are back. Are they going to be painted or do we have that unenviable job to do? I could never get the paint (enamel) to stick for long.

I can't see much else to force open my wallet. Maybe the new Britannia "Firth" and the early crest Stanier 2-6-4T. I'm afraid the Southern region just doesn't do it for me. No black liveried 08; I guess I am just going to have to learn how to use an air brush.


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What a fantastic 2008 we have in store for us with the exciting new range of models. Nearly everything I have hoped for is released - incredible!! The new models look fantastic - and the infra-red DCC walkabout is a must! Great to see sound equiped steam. Where does one start? Oh, and it looks like all new Cl 86 and 87 to boot. And of course, at least two HSTs will be on the shopping list as soon as they are available.
I do wish the catenery had been re-introduced, with the poles in a realistic colour. And how about the departmenal wagons, and the Class 60 at last in original sector colours, and, and and. Congratulations Hornby!
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