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hi to all hornby fans, is everybody happy with the 2009 catalogue if you have
not yet seen it go on to the hornby website
These are the releases for 2009

Train Sets we have
R1121 Devon Flyer
R1122 Eastern Valleys Express
R1125 Somerset Belle (DIGITAL)

Train packs we have
R2806 The Last Single Wheeler Single Train Pack
R2813 Southern Surban Train Pack
R4378 Southern Suburban Coach Pack
R2815 Southern Surban Train Pack
R4379 Southern Suburban Coach Pack
R2817 Devon Bell Train Pack
R4380 Devon Bell Coach Pack
R2819 Bournemouth Belle Pack (Train)
R4381 Bournemouth Belle Pack (coach)
R2821 Hitachi Class 395 (EMU) Train Pack
R4382 Hitachi Class 395 Coach
R2812/X First Great Western High Speed Train Pack (Dynamic Lines Livery)
R2809 First Great Western Class 142 Train Pack (Devon Area)

Hornby Digital we have
R2804 BR with DCC Sound
R2805 LNER Herring Gull With DCC Sound
R2802 BR Diesel Electric Class 50 with DCC Sound
R2803 BR Diesel Electric Class 31 with DCC Sound

Steam Locomotives we have
R2822 GWR 4-6-0 Earl Cains Castle
R2823 BR 4-6-2 Princess Elizibeth
R2824 BR 4-6-0 Royal Scot
R2825 BR 4-6-2 Commonwealth of Australia
R2826 BR 4-6-2 Dominion of New Zealand
R2828 GWR 4-2-2 Duke of Edinburgh
R2829 SR 4-4-0 Class T9 Greyhound
R2830 BR 4-4-0 Class T9 Greyhound
R2831 BR 4-4-0 Class T9 Greyhound
R2836 SR 4-6-0 Sir Valence
R2827 SR 4-4-0 Cheltenham Schools Class
R2843 SR 4-4-0 Dulwich Schools Class
R2844 BR 4-4-0 St Lawrence Schools Class
R2845 BR 4-4-0 Winchester Schools Class
R2846 BR 4-6-2 Clan Buchanan
R2847 BR 4-6-2 Clan Macleon
R2848 GWR 4-6-0 Tintagel
R2849 BR 4-6-0 Beverston Castle
R2850 BR 4-6-0 Ince Castle
R2856 LMS City of Manchester Princess Coronation Class
R2857 LMS 4-6-0 Black 5 Class
R2855 BR 0-6-0ST Class J94

Diesel & Electric Locomotives we have
R2883 EWS Co-Co Diesel (The Territorial Army Centenary) Class 60
R2861 Hanson Co-Co Diesel Electric Aggregate Industries Class 59
R2866/X Wessex trains Class 153 (cornish livery)
R2869 BR Diesel Railcar Express
R2876 Diesel Railcar Express Parcels
R2871 EWS Diesel Shunter Class 08
R2872 BR Diesel Shunter Class 09

Passenger Rolling Stock
R4377 Pullman 'Devon Belle' Observation Car (seen at Paignton & Dartmouth Steam Railway)
R4387 Pullman Bar Car
R4384 Pullman 1st Class Buffet
R4385 Pullman 3rd Class
R4235B BR Corridor 3rd Class
R4236B BR Corridor Brake 3rd Class Coach
R4390 Maunsell Corridor 1st Class Coach
R4336 SR Maunsell Corridor 3rd Class Coach
R4337 Maunsell Corridor 1st Class Coach
R4338 Maunsell Corridor Coach
R4339 Maunsell 3rd Class Brake Coach
R4340 Maunsell Passenger Brake Van
R4341 Maunsell 3rd Class Brake Composite Coach
R4342 Maunsell 4 Compartment 3rd Class Brake Coach
R4343 BR Maunsell Corridor 3rd Class Coach
R4344 BR Maunsell Corridor 1st Class Coach
R4345 BR (Ex SR) Maunsell Corridor Composite Coach
R4346 BR (Ex SR) Maunsell Brake 3rd Class Coach
R4347 BR (Ex SR) Maunsell Passenger Brake Van
R4348 BR (Ex SR) Maunsell Brake Composite Coach
R4349 BR (Ex SR) Maunsell 3rd Class Brake Coach
R4364 GWR Coach
R4365 GWR Coach
R4096 Virgin Mk3 1st Class Coach
R4271 Virgin Pendolino Buffet Coach
R4272 Virgin Pendolino Trailer coach
R4273 Virgin Pendolino 1st Class Open Coach
R4274 Virgin Pendolino Standard Open Coach
R4366 BR blue InterCity Open Mk3 1st Class Coach
R4367 BR blue InterCity Open Mk3 Tourist Class Coach
R4368 BR blue InterCity Mk3 TGS
R4369 FGW Mk3 Open 1st Coach (Dynamic Lines)
R4370 FGW Mk3 Open Tourist Class Coach (Dynamic Lines)
R4371 FGW Mk3 Buffet Car (Dynamic Lines)
R4372 FGW Mk3 TGS Coach (Dynamic Lines)

Freight Rolling Stock we have
R6108 BR Nine Plank Wagon
R6268 12 TON Van
R6360 20 TON Tank Wagon
R6394 BR Seven Plank Wagon
R6395 BR Five Plank Wagon
R6400 21 TON Wagon
R6401 BR Nine Plank Mineral Wagon
R6402 GWR Van
R6439 Three Plank Wagon
R6440 Four Plank Wagon
R6441 Five Plank Wagon
R6442 Five Plank Wagon
R6443 Coalite Wagon
R6444 Wagon
R6445 Tipping Wagon
R6448 Hopper Wagon
R6446 Blue Circle Wagon
R6449 Three Wagon Pack
R6450 Three Wagon Pack
R6452 Balfour van
R6404 6 Wheel Tank Wagon
R6453 6 Wheel Milk Tank Wagon
R6454 6 Wheel Tank Wagon
R6455 BR Shark Ballast van
R6456 BR Shark Ballast van
R6457 Loadhaul wagon
R6459 Car Brake Van
R6466 Timber Carrying Wagon
R6467 Timber Carrying Wagon
R6468 Timber Carrying Wagon
R6463 ZCA 'Sea Horse' Wagon
R6464 Wagon
R6465 Wagon
R6469 Wagon
R6470 Wagon
R6471 Wagon
R6472 Murco wagon
R6477 GWR Wagon
R6458 Hornby 2009 Wagon

Here we have Rolling Stock Accessories
R8994 Load
R8995 Load
R8998 Load
R8999 Load
R8996 Load

R2879 BR Class 55
R2880 BR
R2881 LMS
R4388 LMS coach
R4389 LMS coach
R6473 3 car Wagon Pack
R6474 wagons

Skaledale we have
R9502 Small Waiting Room
R9503 Water Tower
R9504 Signal Box
R9530 Booking Office
R9531 Waiting Room
R9532 Engine Shed
R9533 Goods Shed
R8956 mine shaft
R8972 Cottage
R8991 Water Works
R8992 Chlorine holders
R8993 Water Cleaning Tanks
R8964 buchers
R8965 The Jewellers
R8966 Greengrocers
R8968 Estate Agent
R8970 bank
R8971 Cinema
R8990 Cricket house
R9507 Tea Rooms
R8976 Tree Cottage
R8988 Summer House
R8973 Village Shelter
R8989 Airfield Tower
R8986 Garage
R8987 Shelter
R8977 Brick Wall (Straight)
R8978 Brick Wall (Corners)
R8979 Brick Wall (Gates & Piers)
R9508 Murco Fuel tank
R9510 Viaduct
R9509 track bords
R9511 Level Crossing house
R9513 Platform Flowers x2
R9520 Gas Pump
R9521 Unloading Terminal
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