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QUOTE (SRman @ 18 Aug 2008, 18:15) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The body is simply clipped at each end near the cabs. Don't forget to unplug the ETH cables though (I did once!). At the grille end you need to pull the body sides outwards to clear the grilles as you lift it clear of the chassis. There should not be any glue as there is nothing at that point to need gluing.

I would second these comments, however, I have one of the early 'Ark Royal' locos which was also glued at the louvred end. The louvres themselves are actually retained by a separate plastic surround on the inside of the body which is indeed, glued. On my loco, the glue had escaped slightly to glue the body to the chassis. Prising with a very thin screwdriver and a lot of care released it fairly easily without any breakages.

Also be aware that the early versions of this model had an incorrectly wired motherboard, so you may want to consider contacting Hornby for replacements. Generally, these are the versions which had traction tyres. There again, I obtained replacement bogies without tyres from Hornby. It is actually easier to replace just the wheels with the bogies 'in situ' on this loco than it is to replace the complete bogies!

Graham Plowman
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