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Just thought I'd post this for information, as I'm sure it wont be long before we all start asking where these controllers are!

The other Sunday I went to the re-openeing of a shop in Peterborough.
They had reps there from Bachman, Dapol, Hornby and Mike Wild from Hornby Magazine was also in attendance with the layout.

Speaking to one of the Hornby reps(to be fair the DCC side wasn't his strong point) he said the Access 1 was actually made with more/better features than the Elite!
So they had to have a re-think on what they actually wanted it to do and go and redesign it so it could be brought in at the set price.
The first ones would have to have sold for not far from the price of the Elite, so it looks like these 'redesigned' controllers have had to be 'dumbed-down' to bring them in at the target price.

I have been told it will have a numerical keypad on it as well.

I was told they were not in production as yet, and it looks like they won't be available until the new year.
We will wait and see and what happens.

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