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Hornby Albert Hall with Sound Tender R759-9301

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Just bought this train of EBay which wrapped in the box was a coppe type flat shaped article.

Inside the Tender was a Plastic Box thing which I assume the copper strip fits into.

Anybody got any diagram how this fits Please
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I've had one of these for years!

From memory - there is a plastic 'sound box' inside the tender and an arm which hangs down to the rear axle. The end of this arm is coated with a 'sandpaper' like substance. Around the rear axle is a metal (copper?) clip, part of which extends slightly and scrapes against the 'sandpaper' arm causing the 'chuff chuff' sound to be made.

I don't remember the 'arm' being copper coloured (thought it was black) but I may be wrong.

Have found a copy of the original loco service sheet online but the tender is not included.

Will have another look when I get home later!
Hi try this link - most of the Hornby Service Sheets are there. You might just find what you're looking for.
It's an interesting site, too.
Hi NERBob,

That's the site I found too - really useful source - but I could only find service sheet details for the loco itself not the tender. Did Hornby ever include the tender on one of these sheets?

Don't know if you sussed it out, but here's some pics that may help.
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