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Do you remember an article in a magazine quite some time ago about using the Hornby coaches to cut and shut and produce the correct articulated coaches for the Hornby APT set. We have done this years ago and have got some more spare coaches and would like to do some more but cannot get hold of the article. I have tried Chris Leigh and the rRailway Modeller with no luck and have assumed it was possibly in one of the magazines which seemed to appeared and disappear back in the seventies, if you could run an appeal in your magazine perhaps we could find a copy, I will of coarse pay any expenses.
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i remember seeing the article but i cant remember where. i think it could have been in "your model railway" or one f the short lived mags. have you tried pat hammond. he was/is an editor of various mags. and he has done an article on the APT.

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give him a try.

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