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Hornby at Nürnberg

I walked around the stand and looked at the items on show in no particular order. Of course we have Hornby, Rivarossi, Lima, Arnold, Jouef and Heico products all on display.


The Rivarossi Class E482 Series I and the Series III certainly look good. I bet that the Italian modellers are happy with these.

The Rivarossi Italian shunting tractor looks to be an interesting design. These little things could be useful on any layout to move rolling stock around. Sure they don't quite fit into British outline, but it would be fun to have them.

Jouef fans will be happy. There are quite a few new models on show and there are plans for even more. I spoke to a representative from Hornby France who showed me over the range. We can expect the record breaking TGV and quite a few modern autorails and automotrice trains.

Hornby Digital
Simon Kohler let me test the new hand-held. Ok it was a mock up, but at least I got to hold it. Quite big - I would have expected a slightly smaller device. There was a Blue Hornby loco chuffing around the test track with a sound decoder installed. It sounded great, but it wasn't a Hornby decoder, it was just an appetizer for things to come.

Skaledale & Skale Scenics

Just a sample of one of the many wagon loads from Heico. The look great, but are not easy to come by in the UK unfortunately.

Just a sample, but it seems that these N-gauge locos ar back in production.

HR 2017
This was on display and was very interesting. It was shown last year as a pre-production sample (link here). I met Frank Martin, the CEO of Hornby on the stand and he kindly gave me some of his time. He showed me the HR 2017 and told me how please he was with the response since the release of the model. My obvious question was: "Will Hornby use this manufacturing technique to produce a British model", he replied: "Why not". He went on to say that Hornby have considered this idea and there is a good chance that they will produce an edition as an experiment for the British market. Obviously selecting a suitable model that would benefit from this particular manufacturing method.

The HR2017 is a model representing the tender 2-10-0 steam locomotive class BR58 of the German Deutsche Bundesbahn DB railways in black and red livery. It has a metal boiler, chassis and tender. It has plastic detailing parts. The 3-cylinder loco has a inner cylinder simulation that drives the 3rd axle. It has forward and reverse lighting. It has a NEM652 Decoder plug, but one of the people on the stand from Hornby Germany told me that it had a 21-pin socket so I'm not sure if he was just wrong or perhaps there are plans in the future to update the model.

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