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I look forward to the railroad range!
Kit bashers start your engines!!!!
its really about time they did something with their back catalouge. i thought it was daft to have all those moulds sitting around doing nothing.

seriously though was there any sort of a date on the Humbrol range. this is desperatly needed by modellers across the globe. and there are virtually no stock at all on the shelves. only the odd can of varnish. people were panic buying in modelzone when airfix went bust. there were people with carrier bags full of humbrol paint.
I personally am in need of some more grey 57 (or was it 67?).

The building kits sound good although i cant for the life of me think where they came from?! they cant be airfix models? did they come with lima? does anyone have any idea whats actually in the range?

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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