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Hornby Auctions Coming Soon!

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Hornby are about to launch a new online marketplace for model and toy collectors worldwide.

Hornby will bring together buyers and sellers to trade all models and toys - all auction lots must be greater than 3 years of age, should not appear in the manufacturer's current range and have a minimum starting bid of £5.00.

Visit for more information. We will bring you news of the fee structure as we get it.

Its about time Ebay had some competition in the UK and with the support of Hornby this new market place for collectable model railways and slot cars may well prove to be a winner!

Happy modelling
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I suppose that they see plenty of business in the second-hand market. If they can get a part of that then all the better for the company.

I wonder why they announce it on the afternoon of the day of their yearly results? And I wonder why they announce it before it is ready?
The domain is registered by Hornby PLC at their Margate address. Hornby have outsourced the development of this new enterprise.

This news slipped out by mistake several months ago during conversations with Hornby at the London Toy Fair and we were asked to keep quite about it which we did.

Now that the news is in the public domain we have contacted Hornby and there will be more information here as we get it.

It promises to be a very exciting new Hornby feature!

Happy modelling
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I have contacted Hornby and invited them to provide additional news and information about this new venture.

You will all be kept posted!

Happy modelling
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Hornby were very quick to respond and are very excited as they have had a terrific response. This is what they say:-

QUOTE Dear Gary

Thanks for your email.

We've had an excellent response here too. I can tell you that we are scheduled to go live this Wednesday (8th June) - you're welcome to add this info to your forum.

I'll send you a press release first thing tomorrow morning which will provide further details on

Kind regards

Paul Chandler

e-Commerce Manager

Hornby Hobbies

I just cannot wait as I am as excited as Hornby!

The press release will be available here tomorrow.

Happy modelling
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I have just looked at the Hornby auction site, as it became live today.

There are only 3 items for auction, 2 Scalextric cars and a Ltd Ed Hornby Scotsman. All items are offered by Hornby themselves.

Hornby are selling directly online through their websites for Hornby and Scalextric, and are constantly increasing their Hornby Concessions, all of which means they are selling directly against their dealer network. The auction site is obviously a direct shot at Ebay.

Am I being cynical ? Do I detect an effort at total domination of the marketplace by Hornby ? Is this good for the hobby business in general ?
QUOTE (MRE @ 8 Jun 2005, 22:16)Do I detect an effort at total domination of the marketplace by Hornby ?

I think that is the aim of most businesses. I would not criticise Hornby for trying that too. More profit means more money for development of new models. Hornby makes the profit. The staff get employment and we get the models. Everyone is happy.
We cannot deny that the internet and internet auction sites are here and here to stay.

There are a number of very large hobby retailers who use auction sites as a liquidation service for pre-owned and collectable items that are either part exchanged, or otherwise purchased as a result of a liquidation of a collection by an administrator of an estate. There is one large hobby retailer who has liquidated in excess of 10000 collectable items in 2 years and probably paying well in excess of £1000 in fees per month!

So we cannot deny that this happens and people do have old second hand toys and they want to convert these items to cash for whatever reason.

And all those auction fees that are being paid (£££££'s) are not contributing to the hobby at all!

Given that the market exists then Hornby have decided that they want to be part of this market. Hobby retailers looking in will note that there are restrictions on links to external sites however to help potential bidders who have listing enquiries then you appear to be able to provide certain sensible information relating to this. And of course all items offered for sale must over 3 years old and not in any current catalogues.

Further Hornby offer retailers the opportunity to place banners on their site. No doubt Hornby would like those who advertise in this way to support the auction site and list collectable items within it.

This permits any retailer to liquidate old stock through a friendly channel (even those without websites) and at the same time gives them a vehicle to set up a part exchange service which many of their customers may want.

And as Colin rightly says, unlike the revenue streams of other auction sites, the revenue stream from the Hornby enterprise will contribute towards the development of new models and new products, and there cannot be a Hornby stockist and customer in the UK and elsewhere who would not be happy with this.

So, if everybody approaches this in the right spirit, then everybody wins.

Railway modellers (and other hobbyists), collectors, Hornby stockists and retailers and Hornby themselves.

And let us not forget that the listing fees are very competitive.

And that it is very likely that Hornby will be promoting this site in the modelling press in the coming months and this is going to benefit all members/partners of the new auction community.

Happy bidding

PS Good luck with your "want" Colin.
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