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All photos are the property of their owners. They are copyright. You should ask permission if using them elsewhere.

Realistically, you could probably use the photos and images if you're talking about or promoting the products. If the company has no reason to complain...

If however, you use the images for personal gain or in a way that shows the product or company in a bad light, then they may wish to enforce their copyright and prevent you from using them.

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All images are copyright and require consent for their use unless the owner has put them into the public domain.

Doug has to be right here. If an image is used for promotion of a product or service then it would be unlikely that their owner would sue for breach of copyright. If it is to be used to show a product up in bad light then that would be an entirely different story.

From the point of view of web based publishing this is certainly one area where it is useful to have the support of the manufacturer.

Very often of course your own images can be better than those of the manufacturer!

There are very often technical considerations for this though such as the speed of a download which in the commercial world has to be quick. In a forum such as Model Rail Forum they can take as long as they like as forum members tend to be rather more patient when viewing a forum!

This is probably less of an issue than it was with so many people using broadband these days.

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