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Hornby Bachmann

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Is it me or does it seem that some of the railroad items especially the stuff for 2008 are the same as the bachmann stuff but not as good
do you want a cheap 37, 20, 47, 9f all of which are in the bachmann range. Is this a ploy to undercut the bachmann market share not in the short term but in the long term?
Or am i just loosing the plot as normal.
I am now going to go and hide with my tin hat on in a very deep hole where no one can find me
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hornby used to resurrect their old junk whenever a competitor announced a newer version. The hymek, class 25, even the western got dragged back out of the tool room when they perhaps shouldn't have bothered. I suppose now they can stick them under a new brandname and sell them for a more realistic price there is the chance they might nick a few extra sales off Bachmann.
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