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Hornby Book of Model Railways

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Out in time for Xmas is the Hornby book of Model Railways and it could be an ideal accompaniment for any Hornby train set that Santa may be delivering.

The Hornby book of Model Railways has been compiled with the close co-operation of Hornby and looks at the Hornby range in depth. The book is packed with hints and tips for easy layout building, scenic and structure modelling, track laying, wiring and all the other aspects of the model railway hobby.


Chapter 1 Before you begin
Chapter 2 The Hornby range
Chapter 3 Building a layout
Chapter 4 Scenics and structures
Chapter 5 Locomotives and rolling stock
Chapter 6 Control and operation
Chapter 7 Practical layouts

ISBN 1 903872 15 4
205 x 225mm
160 pages full colour throughout
Paperback with flaps

Price: £15.00

Happy modelling
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Got one of those on order from my gran as an Xmas present (Thought of nothing else and it should be an interesting read before i start my first layout)
Santa delivered this book for Xmas and for those newcomers short on space for a layout it is well worth getting as it covers the construction of several small layouts including a light railway with an oval circuit on a 4ft x 3 ft board. Its a very good read and full of ideas. Did anybody else get the book?

I would rate it 5/5. For £15 its the cost of an item of rolling stock and yet it could provide you with many hours of entertainment if you follow the ideas for scenery and the use of the Skaledale building range and the modifications possible to make them even more realistic.

I did like the brick effect tip for plastic kits. Get your brick embossed plastic kit building and paint the brick effect with white or light grey paint all over. Then remove the paint with a cloth. You are left with paint in the brick joints and a weathered looking brickwork. It creates a stunning brickwork effect for plastic kit builders.

Happy modelling
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Go on the W H Smith online and order it for £10.50 and they will deliver for free to your nearest local W H Smith. £2.95 to be delivered to your home. Had mine today.

Stupid thing is if you go to W H Smith and try to order it at a store they quote £15 and you then collect it from the same place as the internet order.
I would only give it a 3/5,true it has got some useful stuff in there,but to charge £15 for a book that has a lot of articles that Chris Ellis has recycled from previous publications is a bit much...
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Chris Ellis has also written the book below as a follow on to Cyril Freezer's classic "First Steps in Railway Modelling". For those who are "Hornby modellers" then the recent publication is probably the better buy as it does make reference to the Hornby product reference numbers where appropriate. I have got Cyril Freezer's book and for the absolute beginner at modelling my personal view is that the Chris Ellis Hornby book is the preferred choice as it has plenty of good colour pictures. However for those who want more info on planning an extensive layout then Cyril Freezer's book may be better as it has plenty of track plans.

Next Steps in Railway Modelling

Chris Ellis

Take your modelling to a higher level

Continuing the successful tradition of the bestselling First Steps in Railway Modelling, leading modeller and model-railway writer Chris Ellis's long-awaited sequel takes newcomers to the hobby onto the next level of proficiency.

Whereas its predecessor provided an essential basic introduction to modelling for complete beginners, this lavishly illustrated volume will be welcomed for the extraordinary amount of additional information on modelling techniques which it contains.

Among the many topics covered by the book are: issues of gauge and scale; improving and detailing locomotives and rolling stock; layout planning; techniques to build better scenery; electrical wiring; and advice on how to operate your railway in a realistic fashion. Certain to be a much referred-to addition to every railway modeller's library.

Chapters include:
• Model Railways Today
• Getting the Best Performance
• Couplings
• Compact Layout Planning
• Alternative Baseboards
• Simpler Scenics and Quick Fixes
• Track and Ballast
• Research and Reference

Happy modelling
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