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Guys, I picked up the Hornby Briannia "Firth of Tay" yesterday,. and a West Country "Plymouth and a Bachmann blue A-1 "North British", anyway back to the brit. I decided today to try out the flanged rear wheels but I couldn't get them to fit. I found that the flanges interfere with the rear of the truck frame and I had to perform some minor surgery with the aid of my Dremel and router bit. See the attached pictures.
This is the rear truck after modification. you can just see the shiny patches where I took away some metal.
This is the flanged wheels sitting in place to make sure they don't rub on the chassis casting at the front.
This is the trailing truck frame after modification. You can see where I removed the metal on the bottom of the frame halves.
This is the tender fitted with a number 19 Kadee coupler. I chop the trip pins off, supposed to be a fake airhose, as I don't use magnetic uncoupling. Pity they don't make these with the Number 58 scale coupler knuckle as it's a lot less visable.

I hope the pics make sense as I only thought of pictures after I had done it.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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