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I have a Hornby Castle "Wellington R3105. A very recent model but a non runner. The crankpin on the leading drivers foul the crosshead on a R2 curve and jams. The result is the slide bars disconnect from the cylinders and chaos reigns

It fouls by a fraction of a millimetre but it is enough to jam the motion. With this model Castle the slide bars are just pressed into the cylinder and can come loose easily. I am tempted to glue them in but I dont think that will solve the problem. It is not a good design. I cant send it back as I have added a chip, sound and a stay alive (Youchoos) and had to modify the tender to get it in

Question- Can I put spacer washers between the driving wheel and the frame to lessen the lateral travel of the driving wheel. How much would that effect its ability to handle a R2 curve
(This would be a major fix to remove a wheel from the axle and re-stablish quartering. Not sure it is worth it!

Any one had experience with this castle
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