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Hornby Catalogue 2008

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Rails Have the 2008 Hornby Catolgue on the website for £8

Is it me or is it getting rather expensive to buy now days. That's without P&P or you can pop down to your local model shop and pick it up.

£8 is a lot considering you get the Bachmann one as part of your collectors club membership for £18. The Hornby membership is now £35 I believe but includes the Loco. Considering the difference oin price between the Loco and Wagon Bachmann seem to offer the better value.

Is £8 pushing it over the limit for casual buys?
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I prefer to have a printed catalogue - you don't have to have the computer on (or be where the computer is) to look things up.

Re price: in 2004 and 2005 it was £6, 2006 it was £7.50, 2007 it was £7 - according to my records.

John Webb
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