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Hornby Catalogue 2008

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Rails Have the 2008 Hornby Catolgue on the website for £8

Is it me or is it getting rather expensive to buy now days. That's without P&P or you can pop down to your local model shop and pick it up.

£8 is a lot considering you get the Bachmann one as part of your collectors club membership for £18. The Hornby membership is now £35 I believe but includes the Loco. Considering the difference oin price between the Loco and Wagon Bachmann seem to offer the better value.

Is £8 pushing it over the limit for casual buys?
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I just think for a toy catalogue it's getting very expensive. I can't think of any thing in other toy areas that comes close for this sort of price. I really do think it's time for Hornby to pop in a voucher even if it's only for £5.

It would be interesting to see sell through numbers for it compared to previous years.

I feel it's getting to the point of no return price where people won't pay that sort of money no matter how many pages and photo's. It's the same price now as a Wagon, which usually lasts longer and is probably a better buy.

1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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