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Hornby Catalogue 2008

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Rails Have the 2008 Hornby Catolgue on the website for £8

Is it me or is it getting rather expensive to buy now days. That's without P&P or you can pop down to your local model shop and pick it up.

£8 is a lot considering you get the Bachmann one as part of your collectors club membership for £18. The Hornby membership is now £35 I believe but includes the Loco. Considering the difference oin price between the Loco and Wagon Bachmann seem to offer the better value.

Is £8 pushing it over the limit for casual buys?
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QUOTE (dbclass50 @ 16 Jan 2008, 07:24) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>No, it's not you, & £8 is a lot to pay.

Incidently, Roco now give their excellent quality catalogues away.

Personally, I feel that the cost of catalogues should be refundable againgst purchases.

Another way would be to have the entire catalogue on line in printable format.
That's right, I just got the Roco catalogue sent from Orient Express models in Adelaide for free and it's a pretty heft catalogue. They did not charge me for postage. This is the way it should be. As Kimbo said the catalogue is advertising, why should we be paying for ad's?

I get the Trix and Bachmann ones free through club memberships so I don't have to buy those either.
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