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Hornby Catalogues For Sale

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I wonder if any of you maybe interested in these before I eBay them?

Hornby Catalogue 1978 in excellent condition with no dealer stamp on rear and complete with price list. £3

Hornby Catalogue 1979 believed to be ex-shop stock with no dealer stamp to rear and in superb condition with some minor rusting to staples but no page bleed. Inside pages mint with mint price list. £4

Hornby Catalogue 1980 in very good condition with no dealer stamp but sadly no rpice list either. £2.50

All prices plus postage OR you can have the lot for £10 posted to UK mainland!
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To my mind the 1980 catalogue was one of the best ever!

APT was the new development!

Unfortunately I have these three - but am still looking for the first three - at a sensible price!

I picked up a copy of the 1962 eigth edition of triang railways, (R280) for 50p last saturday, its in very good condition but has no price list, but i cant complain for what i paid.
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All now on eBay, thanks.
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