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Hornby City of Sheffield with sound

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I wonder what others think of the sound recordings used on the sound chip in this new model. I had one demonstrated to me during last week by my model supplier, and have to admit I was dissappointed, especially with the air pump working away when the loco was stationary, as no Duchess Pacifics had air brakes, when I was a lad ! It is a shame that whoever has supplied the sounds has been recording the preserved 6233, which is fitted with an air braking system. There must be lots of recordings suitable, of other Duchess's.... 46229 for instance, without having to use the one fitted with air brakes.
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I'm surprised that Argo haven't been busy selling their recordings for DCC sound - course they were all analogue, but could be digitized.
Air pump? Groan....
I've only seen one cantering around a test track and never clocked the fact that it was air fitted. Let's hope Bachmann don't record 60163 for their A1s!!
As for 6024, the air pump sounds appalling...

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