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QUOTE (SimonBoulton @ 19 Jul 2008, 12:37) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I'm pleased that Hornby intend to produce this loco as its preseerved on the Great Central Railway and hauled the train I travelled on last year but AFAIK this was one of the class 20's that was built with a recess in the cab side for the tablet catcher equipment. This recess was later plated over but I doubt this occured whilst it was still painted Green. I presume this model is going to be an improved release of the old Lima model, did they produce a version with a recess or maybe Hornby intend to do a version with the tablet catcher recess? Maybe Hornby intend it to represent the preserved version, otherwise it would seem to be a strange choice. Does anyone know when BR started plating over the recesses?
Cheers, Simon

Hi Simon
Hornby dont seem to have done much in the way of improving the other ex Lima bodies, so I for one am not holding my breath.
David Y
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