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Hornby class 56

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I am looking to buy one or more class 56. Is the Hornby and the Dapol model the same, or is one better than the other? Any advice would be gratefully received before I buy.
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Thanks for the info Gary, I will definitely go for a Hornby one.
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I have not yet purchased a 56, but have been reading the above comments with interest. As I am used to the superb running qualities of American models, I am a bit wary of buying something which has a motor bogie, instead of a "proper" drive system - central motor with two flywheels, cardan shafts to both bogies with all wheels driven, and no traction tyres.

I have a Bachmann class 66 which is quite superb and virtually silent in operation. Oh, for a 56 with that quality!

Is there a motor bogie available which could be used in a 56 (maybe two bogies)? This should give lots of power and much better running.

I did hear a rumour that Hornby may do a 56 with the quality of the new class 60. If true, it would be worth the wait.

1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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