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Hornby class 56

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I am looking to buy one or more class 56. Is the Hornby and the Dapol model the same, or is one better than the other? Any advice would be gratefully received before I buy.
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I have not yet purchased a 56, but have been reading the above comments with interest. As I am used to the superb running qualities of American models, I am a bit wary of buying something which has a motor bogie, instead of a "proper" drive system - central motor with two flywheels, cardan shafts to both bogies with all wheels driven, and no traction tyres.

I have a Bachmann class 66 which is quite superb and virtually silent in operation. Oh, for a 56 with that quality!

Is there a motor bogie available which could be used in a 56 (maybe two bogies)? This should give lots of power and much better running.

I did hear a rumour that Hornby may do a 56 with the quality of the new class 60. If true, it would be worth the wait.

Seeing as my class 56 hasn't got any better, after many hours of running in, I am considering this re-motoring conversion.

Anybody ever had any dealings with this company, or with this conversion?
Paul d,
The tachcad conversion is one route and not a bad one.My 56s and 58s all have US chassis(modified to fit) with central motor and drive to both bogies with all axles driven.The original Hornby motors will never give you good slow running and control.Incidentally the basic body shell of the 56 is pretty good,with etches from Shawplan and work on the bogies and tank details a good model can result.
I came across this thread after doing a search as I am finally getting around to removing locos from boxes to fit decoders.

My EWS Stora Class 56 is experiencing the same issues mentioned here - I have tried 2x Hornby R8249 decoders and there is no difference - with a Bachmann Dynamis on 1 bar then 3 bars then 5 bars the effect is identical - it grinds, moves about 5mm, the fans rotate and stops for 2 secs then repeats and repeats.

Have there been documeted issues with the Hornby Class 6 since release in 2008 as I dont think this is a running in/decoder issue.

All comments appreciated

Is this the newest version of the class 56, with a centre motor and drive to both bogies? - I reckon it must be because this is the only version with the rotating fan gimmick - if so ignore all the previous posts which are about the earlier bogie drive versions, a completely different animal.

It has been in a box for years and never run I take it? Very common to find that it simply doesn't go well at first. Current collection will be poor, due to slight surface oxidation of the wheel tyres and the wiper contact patches; also it is quite likely that the grease in the drivelines has set fairly hard in places. The motor brushes may well be none too well bedded in either.

The cure is usually very simple, give it a good run; and this is best done on a roundy roundy circuit with a DC controller at a medium speed. It may need a couple of hours before it glides along in both directions, it should coast on the flywheel momentum when power is snapped off. Then fit the decoder and retest. The fan drive is a hindrance to smooth running BTW, the little O ring that drives it is likely to have taken a set while in storage and will always impose a variable load on the drive line, snip through and remove would be my best advice...
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Many Thanks 34c for the comments and fast response - it is indeed the later issue. The loco has indeed sat in its box since purchase on 26 SEP 2008 and I did wonder if the fan assy / band wouldnt be helping matters. I will remove, clean up, see what happens and report back.

I only have a 1m test track at present so am a little limited in running in - I am considering getting one of the rolling roads as have quite a few to do and would be an investment methinks

Thanks for all yr comments
Save your cash as regards a rolling road. Unless the loco is only going to run in a straight line, it doesn't really exercise the mechanism fully, and also it is no use for rolling stock which also benefits from a test run. The minimum alternative of a piece of 3/4" Ply 3'6" by 4'6" to take a small oval using 2nd radius track for the curves will cost a lot less and do a better job with the loco being reversed on quarter hours, and turned around on the track every half hour and hour, can be stood flat against a wall or the back of a cupboard for storage. When you start to build a permanent layout, use the ply to make structural members, little waste.
Ok. I will create an oval from some spare sectional track - my main layout is built elsewhere and I dont have regular access to it

Update on the 56 - I released the belt but no diff. I then fitted one of the R8249 decoders into the Colas Class 66 and all works fine so I know its not the decoder.

Refitted into the 56 and no diff - grinds for 2 secs and moves forward, stops for 2 secs etc etc So out of interest I rotated the decoder in the socket so the No1 pin is diagonally opp where it should be and it does exactly the same movement. So my suspicion is there is a wiring/pcb error in the pcb

The movement is extremely regulated ie its not like its sticking - its like on/off but delayed
**Update** I removed the screws holding the fan assy down and gained access to the flywheel on that side and push it around a few times - it definitely had some tight spots so kept on doing it. Placed it back on the track and ta-da - ran properly albeit with a couple of surges. Service sheet located as well on Hornby website

Thanks 34C- yr initial prognosis was spot-on
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