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Hornby class 60 coupler trouble

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Hi - My Hornby class 60 is superb in every respect except, surprisingly, the coupler system. I apologise if this has been covered elsewhere but I am new to the forum.

When pulling (pushing causes no problem) any significant load, the coupler snags through any S-shaped manouvre causing the adjacent coach or wagon to be pulled off the track. The problem is that coupler gets jammed on one side. I had similar trouble on some Bachmann coaches which I've now sold.

I am astounded that this is a problem, yet have not seen any reference to it anywhere.

Any advice or comments would be appreciated.
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If you are going to file the "pointy bit" of the CCM (KKK to european modellers) you need to take very little off it. A neddle point is no good, just a slam (about 0.5mm) well bevelled centering area. I would look first at the coupler shank where it centers and see if that is where the problem is as well.

Close couplers have been used for many years in europe, most work really well, but evey now and again, you get the odd one that needs to be adjusted. That being said CCM wagons do look a lot better than non CCM wagons.

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