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I have found this problem on two of my 60s and my new LE 56, although it was more to do with entering the curve. It irritated me that Hornby said to send them back 'for repair' at a cost of £17 (postage), only for them to return them apparently unopened with a pack of 12 wider couplings (6 medium width, 6 wide).

The 56 now runs properly.

Having inserted the medium width couplers on the 60s the same problem persisted. I have found that if you file the sides of the couplers to a 45 degree angle they move more smoothly into the right position when going across 's' curves.

That said, they still don't like the parkside rudds and clams.

The problem with the 60 appears to be that the coupling comes in to contact with the plough on the front of the loco

It now appears though as if I cannot now remove the couplings, they have stuck themselves in for good.
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