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Hornby class 60 coupler trouble

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Hi - My Hornby class 60 is superb in every respect except, surprisingly, the coupler system. I apologise if this has been covered elsewhere but I am new to the forum.

When pulling (pushing causes no problem) any significant load, the coupler snags through any S-shaped manouvre causing the adjacent coach or wagon to be pulled off the track. The problem is that coupler gets jammed on one side. I had similar trouble on some Bachmann coaches which I've now sold.

I am astounded that this is a problem, yet have not seen any reference to it anywhere.

Any advice or comments would be appreciated.
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I don't have a 60 (wrong era for me) but I had a similar problem with my 50, the trick with these new generation Diesels is to use a rigid bar type coupler and not the tension lock couplers supplied fitted to them as they don't self centre very well under load. Try this thread
On the 50 I also found that the buffer beam detail mounts interfered with the free movement of the CCM so I filed these down slightly and added some graphite lubricant (ground up 6b pencil lead
) to the moving parts of the CCM
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