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I received my new Hornby M7 loco R2625 ( Southern ) yesterday & while it is a sweet moving loco & looks very nice, couplings leave a lot to be desired.
The pony truck NEM socket takes Kadee #20 OK & height is spot on but the body mounted socket is rat.......
Fitting the Kadee in, it sags too much & even putting a styrene sliver in did not lift it up enough. The problem seems to be the mounting screw head is a bit proud & prevents the NEM socket from being level to start with.
Even using the tension lock coupler supplied with the loco still has it pointing downwards & does not couple up with correct height T/L's
Filing the head of the screw down maybe one way of overcoming this but I cheated & Supa-glued the shank of the Kadee #20 & finished it off with a small amount of PVA over it & onto the frame.
It works & having done this technique to other difficult situations & replaced faulty couplings ( takes a bit of cleaning up), I am happy with this.

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